Off to Turkey

So I’m off to Turkey again with my Dad, skipper Al and game passenger Terry. I love Turkey, it’s a very beautiful country and the people are friendly and welcoming. Yet I return with a little trepidation since it is only a few months since the July 2016 attempted coup. The Republic of Turkey as we know it today was founded in the aftermath of the First World War as a secular state, this is the Turkey I know; there are mosques, as we have churches, but nobody seems to take any notice when the call to prayer pipes up. During the coup, in basic terms – which is as much as I understand – factions in the military tried to seize control due to what it saw as an erosion of the secularism of the Turkish state. For a while this trip hung in the balance and I closely monitored the Foreign Office’s advice which, as it happened, never changed from its constant “go but be careful” which seems to serve for a lot of the near east.

We arrived at Dalaman airport late and took a taxi to Gocek where our charter yacht lay, she is a very fine Jeanneau 41 named “Tchouky Doudy” and no, I’ve no idea what that means.

The below map, on which I have misspelled Fethiye and omitted several large islands – needless to say this should not be used for navigation – shows the area of our little adventure and marked are all the locations which I will mention.

Gulf of Fethiye


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