Karacaoren to Fethiye

Departing Karacaoren we decided to sail past Ölüdeniz, a beach resort with its own idyllic looking lagoon. My Dad had stayed there in the ’70s and wanted to see if it had changed, he said it had not; I can only say that from the sea it looked pleasant enough. it seems to be a hot spot for paragliding and we watched many of them circling against the backdrop of the colossal mount Babadag and landing on the beach.

Turning back the way we had come, it was our intention to beat against the south-westerly, back in to the main body of the Gulf and up to Fethiye. However we encountered a strange lack of progress. The wind was on the light side and perhaps it wasn’t quite enough for a boat of the stout proportions of Tchouky Doudy, but we eventually became convinced that there was some current flowing around the headland, quite a novelty in these parts!

Once the headland was made things improved and we had a reasonable broad reach to the entrance of Fethiye harbour, even so it was getting late when we arrived. With some deft manoeuvering from our skipper, Al, we moored at the Yacht Classic marina hotel.

To say that this was a contrast from previous evenings would be a great understatement. Yacht Classic is suave and elegant, clean and cool. It is our mid-trip treat and the hot shower feels well earned. in the evening we sit at the tiki-bar and dine in the hotel’s restaurant. the food was very good although the portions were a little gourmet for our robust appetites.

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