A Morning in Fethiye

The next morning we walked into Fethiye. Fethiye is a pleasant town with a bustling but compact centre, at its heart is the warren-like bazaar. At the top of my shopping list was the tackiest fridge magnet I could find, for which there was stiff competition, and I eventually found one in the shape of an anchor, made from that inexplicable material that kg fridge magnets are .add from, and featured an image of the paragliding circling above Ölüdeniz, which we had watched the previous day, so that was nice, it cost me the princely sum of 2 Lira.

We stopped for drinks on the waterfront before heading back to the boat. I should say something here about Turkish tea and coffee: Both are unfeasibly strong and are served in small vessels we would think of as espresso cups, though the tea is more commonly served in glasses. The coffee contains a good deal of grounds which form a sludge in the bottom of the cup and is best left there. But tea drinkers should be particularly aware that the leaves are left in the tea rather than strained out, and so, unless you are blessed with a moustache that doubles as a tea strainer, some care must be taken. Drinks are sometimes “bottomless”, but since it they are of such industrial strength this is probably unwise.

We returned to the boat via a small general store to stock up on essential supplies such as beer and biscuits and made ready to leave.

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