Fethiye to Coldwater Creek

Leaving Fethiye harbour we have a lovely beat down the eastern shore of the gulf in 15-20 kts of wind which comes at us pretty consistently but heads us a little nearer the coast. Coldwater Creek is quite close to Karacaoren, a little further in fact, but we made the 20 mile return journey with a good deal more ease than the outward one the day before. We are convinced there is some slight current around the headland!

We were welcomed into Coldwater Creek by a gentleman in a floppy hat in a small boat, he instructed us where to drop the hook and took our shore line which he then got us to put around the winch to pull tight. The creek it’s self is a lovely spot indeed, probably the quietest and most serene so far, which is saying a lot. Not as barren and scrubby as Karacaoren its steep sides are wooded and lush, and as the name suggests the water is cold, being fed by a subsurface freshwater spring. Being easterly facing and steep sided it lost the sun early and the temperature dropped quickly but from this dark corner the reflected glow of sunset on the mountains to the immediate east seemed all the more intense and magical.


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