Coldwater Creek to Wall Bay

The restaurant at Coldwater Creek, up a flight of stone steps from the beach and commanding magnificent views, had been a highlight for me when I had been before. But late in the season as we were, it was dark by the time we were there, the temperature had dropped off considerably and the place was fairly quiet. Still, the food was very good and the welcome warm.

The following morning we had a nice beat to the headland and a fantastic reach a cross the gulf and headed to the north of Tersane Island. Here the wind was rushing of the steep mountainous sides of the island and gusting up to 26 kts, so we dropped sails and proceeded to pick our way between the islands under motor.

As we approached wall bay the wind was still brisk, but the berthing there is side-on to a long pontoon so apart from a light bump it was quite straight forward.

The restaurant at Wall Bay was probably the best of this trip. All of these places are pretty open to the elements but this one had a roaring open fire to counter the chill of the autumn evening, which it did magnificently. The main course (fish in my case) was adequate but the meze was the best yet and clinched it! Friendly dogs and humans alike added to the atmosphere.


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