Wall Bay back to Goçek

The next morning was windless, as is not uncommon, and Wall Bay’s steep wooded sides made it a suntrap and it was soon hot. I wanted to walk, though, as I had not really done so since Fethiye.

The last time I ahd passed this way I had noted that there was a footpath that skirtied the bay and so I set out on that. Signs on the gate indicated that this was part of a larger coastal path established by the municipality of Fethiye but my very limited Turkish took me no further and I have been unable to discover more, though I have since found that there are two major long distance walking routes in this region: The Lycian Way and the Carian Way, which are worth lookin up.

I was delighted to see that, noticing me hitting the trail, the dogs which belonged to the restaurant (Mum and two boistrous pups) dicided to come with me and I was grateful for their company. The path led around the bay toward the dicrepit wall that gave the bay its name. The water was unibaginably blue and clear, and the ground was pine-needle-covered trail with occasional volcanic boulders. The ground rose steeply away from the path into thick pine wood. This almost reminded me of home in Dorset. The wall its self was more grand up close, rising to 15 feet or so, but had collapsed where it must have once met the water, so it was easy to skirt round the end. From there I went just a little further to a bluff headland where a Turkish flag hung limply from a pole. The view down into crystal clear waters either side was breath-taking. From here I retraced my steps and returned the boat, just after turning back I was rejoined by the dogs, who had left me for the wooded slopes earlier, and the four of us headed back.

Today was our last day out on the boat, but we didn’t have that far to go so we stopped for tea at Sarsala, a beach which is accessable from the road and is popular with locals. Following this we had a nice broad reach back to Goçek, and after finding the fuel barge (with some difficulty) we found our berth.


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