New Year’s Day, or Eve.

Jet lag over-sleep. Inevitable I suppose but frustrating; I’d need to hurry to get back into the City for the evening and by the time I retrace my steps into Tai Po and on the MTR to Hung Hom, It’s starting to get dark.

Today was Chinese New Year. I’m not sure if it’s New Year’s Eve or Day, there’s seemingly no emphasis on midnight as such, everything happens at 8 o’clock. My original plans for today were to head to Hong Kong Island and try and make my way up to Victoria Peak, the highest point,  to watch the fireworks. Just as I’m wondering what to do I see a WhatsApp message from Lily suggesting I could see the parade in Tsim Sha Tsui, a short walk from where i stood on the Kowloon waterfront.

Map of the parade route open on my phone, though the barriers and crowds are a give away, I search for a spot to stand. On Haipong Road I finally find a place where I can actually stand right against the barrier. There’s a considerable wait before the parade starts and the crown builds around me but I kept my spot and the parade was worth the wait and the sore feet. There were many brightly lit floats representing everything from Disneyland to Silk Road Tourism. But the best things were the several Chinese Dragons and Lions. Here is a video:

By the time I made my way back to Tai Po the local busses had stopped so I had to get a taxi. Luckily my phone held out long enough to show the driver the map of where the flat was and I tipped him generously for his efforts.

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